Twenty Years Later

Today, the area and even the country remember the DC Sniper attacks twenty years ago. This website is an effort to help spread the facts about it and deep information that may not have been well known. As we know today, one of the shooters is dead. However, Malvo still lives in prison to this day. Back in 2002, he was seventeen and sentenced to life without parole in both states, Virginia and Maryland. He is currently held in the “Red Onion State Prison” in southwestern Virginia. It is located in Wise County, VA. (Rose & Waldrop “Resentenced”)

Family of the Shooter

Currently, the whereabouts of Muhammad’s children are unknown currently. However, they are all in their late twenties by now. At the time of their father’s death, the children wrote to Muhammad, letters. It was kept private as to what was in those letters, but they weren’t answered by him. On the date of his execution, (November 10th, 2009), his children visited him one last time and watched his execution. (Myers “DC Sniper Children”)


Currently, it is the year 2023 with 2024 just around the corner at the time of this site’s creation. We have yet to see a crime like this in the area or even in the country. Hopefully, we never see something like this again. The suffering that was caused by these two shooters was unprecedented and because one man had a fall out with his family, he caused many to lose theirs as well. With the technology advancements that law enforcement currently has, a crime like this will be hard to get away with. It will be caught a lot faster and better than before. Virginia has faced many issues in the past and it has shaped the great state we are today. However, this issue will remain in the history books for a long time simply because of the terror, difficulties, and great length that it went on for. A crime like this should’ve been stopped immediately and understandably that was the intention. Nobody was prepared for an event like this to occur here, however, the people of Virginia made it through strong from this issue just like the other issues it has faced from the time the state was established.