I Chose the Story Map for my digital tool because it is an excellent way to track the path that the Snipers took across the country and a way to mark down where each shooting took place. This helps us visually see each exact location rather than a timeline. It is very important to be able to visually see exactly the route taken by the suspects because it gives us a true insight on the distance and route traveled. A timeline wouldn’t give us the same understanding as the Story Map does. This story map shows each person’s Name, location, age, and date in which the shootings occurred. As you can see on the map, the point jumps from one location to another with the click of the arrow at the bottom. Some places on the map may not be fully accurate simply because some of the places that the shootings took place at don’t even exist anymore, so some places won’t have every exact location of the shootings, but it is very close.

This story map was made off of the Knight lab Website.